Hi, I am diana lavender Woodruff

I've always loved playing with my grandmother's camera when I was younger. However, I got into photography in June of 2009 professionally but started while I was at Hampton University in college, my junior year, after taking a photography class. After college, I moved to Atlanta and started working as an architectural designer. In January 2009, my life turned due to the recession, and photography became my main focus. I started working as a family photographer and then a brand photographer.

Now, after ten plus years, I have photographed amazing families, brands, and celebrities all over the Southeast region of the US. My work has been featured in a few local and national publications, including Weight Watchers ™, Southern Bride, and Concourse. I have even mentored other aspiring photographers and helped them build their businesses. I love what I do! It is so rewarding to capture memories that will last a lifetime.

If you are interested in booking a session with me, please get in touch with me at diana@lavenderinkcreative.com

Since I don't like to talk about myself in great detail, here are a few random things to know about me:

• I (with my parent's help) kept my goldfish alive for 1o years before he passed away. We even took him on a plane.

• I have a healthy obsession with Sharpie Pens.

• I enjoy organizing closets, offices, kitchens, basically any space.

• Boyz II Men is my No.1 music group of all time.

• I enjoy grilling, especially hamburgers, steak, and salmon.

Outside of this, I'm pretty easygoing. I like fun, happy people who just want to enjoy life. Photography is the gift I get to give to others. Every time I take a photo, review it and send it to a client, I feel like I've given them something rare - a gift.


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